Stress-Free Veterinary Care

Our respect for all creatures extends to every aspect of their experience when they visit us. Our team is trained to evaluate your pet’s body language in order to adapt our interactions to make them comfortable.

Fear can affect vital signs, so we’ll go to any lengths to ensure your pet feels at home during their time with us.

It’s a regular occurrence to see Dr. Munn or a veterinary technician on the floor at your pet’s eye level during an examination so they don’t feel overwhelmed. If your pet is shy, we extend them extra time and space to become more acclimated to their surroundings.

All of our guests need a concierge level of treatment, with scrumptious treats and ample cuddles, in order to ensure their exam is more pleasant for them. We aim to please! The goal is to assure your pet that they are safe, and to kindle a positive experience so their trip back to us next time will be more enjoyable for them (AND for you)!

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Smart.Vet Virtual Pet Care

Smart.Vet has successfully deployed a unique method for delivering convenient, accessible, virtual care working closely with Jameson Queen as your primary care veterinarian. No other televet provider does it the way that Smart.Vet does.

Veterinary Care From The Comfort Of Home