Senior Wellness Care

We partner with pet owners long-term on the health of their pets.

While it can be hard to admit the telltale signs of your pet’s aging, the fact is that most dogs are considered “senior” around age seven, and cats around age nine. Bunnies are usually classified as seniors between 4-8 years old, depending on their size.

Due to advanced medical and dietary breakthroughs, pets are now living even longer, which means they are susceptible to a whole new set of age-related conditions.

Since pets age more rapidly than humans, diseases and illnesses progress quicker too. From mobility issues to mental health considerations, your friends at Jameson Queen are keenly attuned to senior issues that require proactive measures and/or intervention.

We’re committed to your pet’s well being through every stage, and we’re here to ensure your best friend lives their best life with you, especially during the golden years!

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