After-Hours Health Care Advice

There is no better care option for your pet than that of your in-person primary care provider.

However, Smart.Vet has successfully deployed a unique method for delivering convenient, accessible virtual care as a service to triage clients when Jameson Queen Animal Hospital and other clinics are closed. This tool extends the coverage Jameson Queen offers, ensuring your pet receives the best care. This service is provided by the OVMA to ensure your pet’s health needs are addressed even when local clinics are not open.

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Family Owned, Family-Like Care

Jameson Queen Animal Hospital is a small animal veterinary practice in the heart of Toronto’s hub of locally-owned businesses. We are quite proud of our innovative, unhurried, yet sensible approach to veterinary care.

We have a deep passion for patient-forward protocols and are known for our unique approach to pet health. Every small creature is respected through customized low-stress handling and personalized treatment plans.

At our hospi­tal, we extend respect to every animal and human we cross paths with. Our quality medical atten­tion is matched with compas­sionate guid­ance, based on the needs of the whole family.