Sick Pet Care

It’s our mission to swiftly treat your pet’s discomfort. Armed with a thorough medical history and assessment of symptoms, we’ll then tackle the root cause of your condition with inquisitive minds.

Restoring or optimizing your pet’s health is a labor of love for us.

For particularly challenging cases, we will explore innovative diagnostics and treatments that are within your means. We’ll consult with specialists and refer when necaccery.

We are conscientious about finding effective treatment that is affordable to you. We understand how upsetting it can be to have a sick animal, which is why we seek to care for the entire family when your pet is under the weather.

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Jameson Queen Animal Hospital is a small animal veterinary practice in the heart of Toronto’s hub of locally-owned businesses.

Our quality medical atten­tion is matched with compas­sionate guid­ance, based on the needs of the whole family.

Family Owned, Family-Like Care