Websites of Interest

Feline Diabetes

Your diabetic cat is complicated. Here are some answers to your questions.

General Cat Information

Welcome to Indoor Cats: Good for Everyone, a SpayDay HRM project. Our goal is to spread awareness about the risks for outdoor cats.

Indoor Cat Info

This website will tell you about cat enclosures, basic indoor cat needs, cat life stressors and understanding cats.

General Rabbit Information

This is an excellent information site for rabbit owners. From info on husbandry, care, rescue, activism and more.

Rabbit Nutrition

The best diet for rabbits will mimic their natural grass-based diet in the wild.

Rabbit Rescue

Rabbit Rescue Incorporated is a registered No Kill charity that services Southern Ontario. We are dedicated to saving rabbits from abandonment, neglect, illness or injury and inhumane conditions.

Kingston Animal Rescue

Looking to adopt a new companion? Kingston Animal Rescue has lots of beautiful creatures for adoption. These animals have been well cared for!

Ontario Veterinary Medical Association

The Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) is Canada’s foremost veterinary association.

Oxbow – Exotic Small Mammal Nutrition

Oxbow is our #1 choice for exotic companion mammal feeds. We recommend checking out this site – lots of great information.

Pet Loss

Losing your companion animal is devastating. Here you will find some information to help you cope with this difficult time.

Toronto Humane Society

With industry leading shelter care, animal training and behavioural consultations, and veterinary services, we have found new homes for thousands of animals and helped keep families together.

General Veterinary Information

Visit Website

Do you have questions you need answered about your companion? There are a lot of answers to your questions here.

Infectious Diseases

This is a great resource for all your questions regarding worms and germs. It will help you understand the risks for your companion animals and you.

These animal hospi­tals are open 24 hours in case of an emergency:

VEC Toronto

Central Toronto Veterinary Referral Clinic

Toronto Animal Health Partners
Emergency and Specialty Hospital

We recom­mend that rabbits and small mammal
emer­gen­cies are directed to:

Campus Estates Animal Hospital

VCA 404 Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital

Family Owned, Family-Like Care

Jameson Queen Animal Hospital is a small animal veterinary practice in the heart of Toronto’s hub of locally-owned businesses. We are quite proud of our innovative, unhurried, yet sensible approach to veterinary care.

We have a deep passion for patient-forward protocols and are known for our unique approach to pet health. Every small creature is respected through customized low-stress handling and personalized treatment plans.

At our hospi­tal, we extend respect to every animal and human we cross paths with. Our quality medical atten­tion is matched with compas­sionate guid­ance, based on the needs of the whole family.