Our not-so-mild obsession with healing all creatures extends to surgical care! We have a fully equipped surgical suite.

We perform general surgery, including spays/neuters. Every aspect of your pet’s surgical journey has been carefully researched and meticulously integrated into our surgery protocols.

We use multimodal anesthesia and pain prevention for the safety of your pet. This is the administration of different drugs together to provide a safe, stress free and pain free anesthetic and a smooth recovery. We carefully monitor your pets vitals throughout the procedure.

We understand the stress pet owners can feel when their pets undergo surgery, which is why we also take good care of YOU every step of the way as well. We ensure you are thoroughly informed and comfortable with the pre-surgical guidelines, provide you updates on your pet’s progress during the surgery, and support you through any aftercare concerns you have. This is the personal, locally-owned kind of care we’re most proud of!

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Jameson Queen Animal Hospital is a small animal veterinary practice in the heart of Toronto’s hub of locally-owned businesses.

Our quality medical atten­tion is matched with compas­sionate guid­ance, based on the needs of the whole family.

Family Owned, Family-Like Care