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Our services

We offer full compre­hen­sive care and the latest in medical and surgical techniques

  • Well­ness Check-ups focus­ing on preven­tive care & vacci­na­tions depend­ing on disease risk assessment
  • General surg­eries includ­ing spays and neuters – we have a fully equipped surgi­cal suite with inhalant anes­thet­ics and surgi­cal moni­tor­ing equip­ment for optimum safety and care of our patients during surgery(blood pres­sure moni­tor­ing pulse oxime­try, electrocardiography)
  • Para­site preven­tion – impor­tant for the health of patient and owner
  • Aller­gies & Dermatology
  • Nutri­tional Counseling 
  • Routine and advanced dental proce­dures includ­ing dental digital x‑rays
  • Full In-house Labo­ra­tory for imme­di­ate diag­nos­tic results and pre-surgi­cal screen­ing prior to anesthesia
  • Retail Shop online/​home delivery
  • Rabbit care and surg­eries includ­ing advanced dental care
  • Exotic compan­ion mammal care – rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hedge­hogs, hamsters
  • Various specialty devices for the exam­i­na­tion and care of exotic companion mammals
  • Online appoint­ment booking
  • Pallia­tive and pain manage­ment for disabled and senior patients 
  • Compas­sion­ate end of life services
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