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At our hospi­tal we strive to make a differ­ence. We want you and your animal compan­ion to feel as comfort­able as possi­ble in our hospi­tal. We under­stand that every­one is differ­ent and every­one has different needs.

  • Dr. Sam Munn

    Dr. Sam Munn


    Dr Munn has been a practicing Veterinarian for over 20 years. His love of animals began with a boxer named Katie that belonged to his Aunt in England, twice a year they would go and visit and he would look forward to being reunited with his best friend. It was during this time as a child that he decided to become a veterinarian. Dr Munn is a firm believer in treating all creatures with respect and kindness and is known for his compassion towards both patient and client. Dr Munn also enjoys taking care of the little creatures-the rabbits, rats, hedgehogs, guinea pigs so often ignored. Dr Munn has worked with many charitable organizations, helping dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and rats. Dr Munn loves being a part of the Parkdale community and enjoys working with his wife Kirsti close to their home. In his free time Dr Munn enjoy life with his 4 children, 3 dogs and a cat.

  • Kirsti Munn

    Kirsti Munn

    Office Manager

    Kirsti Munn has had a lifelong love of animals that began in the Beaches with her grandparents two wonderful dogs and long walks with them on the boardwalk. Many years later while working in the film industry, she walked by Dr. Munn’s clinic and decided to walk in and answer a help-wanted sign. The fit was immediate and she soon was an irreplaceable part of the practice. Kirsti believes that the owner-pet match is very important and she has special interest in finding homes for rescues with the best possible fit. She is passionate about giving all creatures the best care possible and making sure the owners know what is happening and are able to make the best decisions for their pets. Kirsti loves being part of the vibrant and diverse Parkdale neighbourhood, connecting with the community, the cafe’s, clothing shops, and four-legged friends, everything that bring a city to life.

  • Trevor Dunseith

    Trevor Dunseith

    Veterinary Care Coordinator

    Trevor has worked in vet clinics over much of the last decade. He considers himself conversational in dog but fluent in cat. When not at the clinic he is pursuing a bachelors degree in Anthropology at the University of Toronto, doing research in the library, learning a new song on the ukulele, or cuddling with his room-mate Mordecai, a furry former barn cat.

  • Michelle Ramdial

    Michelle Ramdial

    Registered Veterinary Technician

    Michelle graduated from the Seneca College Veterinary Technician program in 1998 and started working in a clinic right away. Even though she has always loved working with all animals she does have a special interest in the small exotic mammals. Over the years, her knowledge and love of animals has deepened into a profound respect for all life no matter how big or small. Michelle is glad to be back working with Dr. Munn again and is excited to continue her journey as a registered veterinary technician at Jameson Queen Animal Hospital. She shares her home with a very opinionated sheltie, a tortoise, a canary and some tropical fish.

  • Laura St. Jacques

    Laura St. Jacques

    Veterinary Care Coordinator

    Laura has worked in clinics for 10 years, primarily with dogs and cats. She is eager to learn the world of exotics, looking to expand her understanding and love of little creatures. When not at work you can find her reading comics to her cat Riley or taking her dog Skipper to the beach.

  • Ariana Georghiou

    Ariana Georghiou

    Veterinary Care Coordinator

    Meet Ariana, she has been in the veterinary industry since 2013 and has an honours degree in biology and anthropology from Trent University. Her hobbies include martial arts, cooking and dancing. She enjoys spending her free time with her husband and the rest of the family (including the 6+ furry friends at home.) She has had an array of companion animals from hedgehogs to wolfhounds and is looking forward to meeting your furry friends!

  • Dr. Stefanie Shatsky

    Dr. Stefanie Shatsky


    Dr. Stefanie Shatsky is very excited to be joining the Jameson Queen team! Her first pet was a little blue budgie named Echo and since then she knew she was going to be a vet! Dr. Shatsky studied at the University of Guelph before earning her Veterinary Degree in Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Shatsky is a Fear Free certified practitioner and believes the veterinary experience for her patients should be built on compassion and trust. Dr. Shatsky’s main goal is to keep her patients healthy and happy, and for her clients to know she is always here to help. Current pets include Bijou, Ninja and Thomas - her three rescue cats who are all Irish imports from when studying veterinary medicine in Dublin. Montadita- the most recent addition, adopted through Redemption paws. Her name means “little sandwich” in Spanish and is an ode to Dr. Shatsky’s love of travel, trying local cuisines, and adventure.

  • Lillian Rundle-Desmond

    Lillian Rundle-Desmond

    Registered Veterinary Technician

    As four bunnies in scrubs masquerading as a human, Lillian somehow managed to graduate from Ridgetown Campus for Veterinary Technology in 2015. From there they hopped directly into a job at an exotics clinic and haven't looked back. Fear Free certified and passionate about quality low stress care for all animals, they are thrilled to have made the leap to the Jameson Queen team in March 2021 under the promise of more rabbit patients. Lillian shares their life with their wife, and their (currently) two bunnies, two cats, and 50 plus houseplants. If not at the clinic they are probably in a garden watering, weeding and wandering. Or playing trombone, which is difficult when you are four obligate nasal breathers with cleft lips



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