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Websites of Interest

These emer­gency hospi­tals are open 24 hours in case of an emergency:

General Veteri­nary Information

  • Do you have ques­tions you need answered about your compan­ion? There are a lot of answers to your questions here.

Feline Diabetes

  • Your diabetic cat is compli­cated. Here are some answers to your questions.

General Rabbit Information

  • This is an excel­lent infor­ma­tion site for rabbit owners. From info on husbandry, care, rescue, activism and more.

Hand­feed­ing your Rabbit, Guinea Pig, or Chinchilla

Rabbit Nutri­tion

Toronto Humane Society

Ontario Veteri­nary Medical Association

Rabbit Rescue

Jack Russell Rescue

  • This is an excel­lent resource for anyone looking to rescue or relin­quish a Jack Russell Terrier

General Cat Information

Indoor Cat Info

  • This website will tell you about cat enclo­sures, basic indoor cat needs, cat life stres­sors and understanding cats

Oxbow – Exotic small mammal nutrition

  • Oxbow is our # 1 choice for exotic compan­ion mammal feeds. We recom­mend check­ing out this site ‑lots of great information.

Kingston Animal Rescue

  • Looking to adopt a new compan­ion? Kingston Animal Rescue has lots of beau­ti­ful crea­tures for adop­tion. These animals have been well cared for!

Infec­tious Diseases

  • This is a great resource for all your ques­tions regard­ing worms and germs. It will help you under­stand the risks for your compan­ion animals and you.

Pet Loss

  • Losing your compan­ion animal is devas­tat­ing. Here you will find some infor­ma­tion to help you cope with this difficult time.



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